World Cup and other players


This is a Throw Back article , from World cup days 

soccer is not really one of my favourite sports I would pick basketball hunks any day…

But recently I have had the chance to watch the worlds most beautiful game  right in the thick of action were I could  see the tears, feel the joy, breathe the frustrations of the game from the Big Flat Screen TV in a Sports club. Granted its not as glorious as being in the stadium per say but trust me the emotions are still the same as the One in Brazil.  The crowd I was with was the laidback type people, u know the ones that are only interested in the games because 1…its the world cup… 2 its an excuse to go chill with the boys at the Bar.
I however was that fish out of water, I do not drink, I don’t necessarily  enjoy soccer. Frankly I was there for the cute guys (in the TV and in the Bar) . The players  both on and of the screen were in their best forms, the  defence  about their craft, the attacks on my self declared self esteem, the  fans’ rallying behind their National team,  was very impressive,
I was dazzled by the footwork, the drinks kept on coming, the conversation witty and hilarious, I felt like the  world cup…coveted by all But at the  end of the night  I recognised the night as what it was, A Game were the best players win and weak sides are outwitted, outmatched, out muscled and outplayed .

in my own little cocoon I begin to wonder if all of the guy s out there are players, I mean it seem the lies. the flattery, the trying to impress  has one goal …to score (Literally and otherwise) and if that is all that relationships have come down to, are we really willing to play that game? if u played will u  get to the finals or will you suffer like Spain and get sent home with nothing to  show except last year ‘s trophy? Is it worth playing if all are players? I mean engaged or otherwise these guys seem to want to enjoy both sides of the proverbial coin, they want the cake, the cookie and the ice cream from both sides of the fence and its not fair


Be Careful I the Game…they are a lot of Players out there. Better date the Coach

Cuteness Overlord 


Cuteness overload 
I am sitting in the combi headed for town, and on the “Kadoma”, are two little girls sitting there, fresh faced and Super cute.. U know those kids that make  your ovaries jump up and down and you start feeling all types of mummy?Yep that cute, and there are in matching red and blue outfits, Uhh help. 

Now u know Noone can resist cute kids, and someone always wants to engage with them in some What’s your name and how old are you conversation, and today the Hwindi is that person, and these girls are not the shy kids. Here is a verbatim of the Conversation. 

Hwindi : what grade are you in? 

Older Kid : grade 3.. (points to little sister) she is takudzwa 

Hwindi :Hesi Takudzwa, uri grade ani? 

Takudzwa being the cute Overlord stretches out her hand and Says…4, and everyone in the front row bursts into laughter. 


Then it’s change time and the Hwindi does that thing where they give the driver $2note and he is given the coin equivalent, now little Takudzwa doesn’t see the Note. She just saw the coins being expressed over her head….

She looks at the driver, and says 

“Can I also have some Money”

And she gets a whooping $0. 50 and the Smile is HUGE at this point..

CUTE Overlord, knew she was irresistible and she used It. 

Boarding school Busfare 


Boarding school, the place I learnt all social skills that i have ( well not all, maybe some). One of the most important is SAVING money. I am one of those people who when they say they are broke, it don’t mean I ain’t got 50 bond to go to town… I mean I got money, just it ain’t for that, and boy has it saved me out of a lot of UNEXPECTED expenses. 

Here is how I learned to leave whatever stash i had  be, and not even think about it. It all began the first day of  boarding school, when dear old mum, panicking for her first child’s imminent journey into lands unknown decided to give me “just in case money”. 

The JIC money was a LOT ($20) for a person whose pocket money had been a dollar per day,  you know those inner pockets in your blazer?, usually left breast side? Yep, my mother put my money in that little pocket.. Took a thread and needle and CLOSED IT UP.. And with a grave voice said :

“Thou shan’t toucheth the inner pocket, unless thy is in mortal danger.. “and sent me off my merry way. Now trust that many atime the temptation to slit it open and just take and start throwing around ones at the less than empty tuckshop, I would remember what Dear mummy said, no not mortal danger but” what you don’t need, you can do without”. 

I didn’t need anything all essentials where already bought and paid for, all I needed was to curb my want… As the term rolled by, I realized that no1 ever had a concrete figure of the return home busfare (unlike some schools out return home was entirely on us). This is relevant because, visiting day came and my father came through and he asked “do u have that money?” proudly I said yes, he said.. That’s your transport money, we came here for $10 so u might need the 20, I will give u an additional 10, so u have $30 JIC. Your mother wants to see that change, I’m like greaaatttt 😟😟.

Long story short, busfare was $8, 9 plus a dollar for home and I had 21 dollars to account for, I happily gave mum 21.. And she said “No, take its yours” 
Ever since then, I save my Busfare money’s, u never know where u going to need something and not want. 

Create in me A new heart 


Being a new Christian isn’t easy  not at all, 

It’s a total upheaval of everything you know , think say and Do. Which is Hard cause Now you have an awareness of what you do wrong that is overwhelming (I’m guessing it’s the Holy Spirit but I don’t want to over expect). 

  • See you become what you behold and I have been Beholding a lot of stuff that is Not good for my soul, I literally am a fusion of violent, sexual, fantasy, offensive language movies, books and songs. 
  • Now I have to change all that, how? By being intentional about what I feed my spirit, being extra cautious about what I think in my own head and heart, which is Tough cause I have absolutely No filter. 
  • It’s Good that the Holy Spirit is there to guide me and Not condemn me for slipping here and there 

I wonder


I wonder if you will come home with a Paper bag full of meat and goodies, kiss me on my cheek and sigh heavily as you sink into the sofa and turn to the hip hop Cypher shows. 

I wonder if you will drop me off and pick me up at work, not because you are over possessive or territorial but because you like the picture I paint next to your driver’s seat. 

I wonder if you will groan and complain as I drag you through Ladies clothing department stores and try on blue, green, and purple dresses whilst I complain about my bosses latest absurd time line. 

I wonder if you will spend ours laboring in the yard, mowing and raking leaves and making a vegetable garden for me, that I will pick from and make you sadza and beef/veggie mixture. Spending our Sundays under the guava tree whilst you hose the Car down. 

I wonder if you will watch devious maids and The voice with me and pretend you don’t like it, whilst you lecture me about the importance of talent vs aesthetics.Telling me about how different beats synergize with the heart beat. 

I wonder if you will hold me at night, and whisper my name as you sleep besides me, then roll over and drag the blanket with you… 

I wonder…. 

I wonder… 

I wonder if you will do the mundane things with me, cause that’s almost all I really want. 

Stepping out 


So,  I am part of a cool type of young adults called Cross Culture,  the sub group I fall under called a Tribe (Zamar)  is doing a social media campaign #BecauseHefirstLovedUs.  Where we are sharing his word with the world because for God so loved the 🌍…this week’s challenge is creating a WhatsApp broadcast list and send devotional messages to people.

 I thought it was going to be easy,  but it’s not. Why?  Well it’s really not that easy to step up and show your Faith to people u really don’t talk to about such stuff with.  I have business contacts who don’t know I am Christian,  I have atheists on my contact list…

 So I was making the broadcast list and I found myself skipping some of the people I thought wouldn’t appreciate randomly timed Messages about God. Then figured out that they weren’t the problem,  I was I was apprehensive of being called the Jesus message girl.  I didn’t want to become that girl,  u know her,  only seems to send you God stiff and Nothing else thereby coming off as a holier than thou person…. 

So what am I doing about it?  I am hoping I will get over it and be able to add those people on the list,  after I have settled and calmed down a bit….  Who am I kidding I am probably not going to do it and that makes me even more ashamed