I wonder


I wonder if you will come home with a Paper bag full of meat and goodies, kiss me on my cheek and sigh heavily as you sink into the sofa and turn to the hip hop Cypher shows. 

I wonder if you will drop me off and pick me up at work, not because you are over possessive or territorial but because you like the picture I paint next to your driver’s seat. 

I wonder if you will groan and complain as I drag you through Ladies clothing department stores and try on blue, green, and purple dresses whilst I complain about my bosses latest absurd time line. 

I wonder if you will spend ours laboring in the yard, mowing and raking leaves and making a vegetable garden for me, that I will pick from and make you sadza and beef/veggie mixture. Spending our Sundays under the guava tree whilst you hose the Car down. 

I wonder if you will watch devious maids and The voice with me and pretend you don’t like it, whilst you lecture me about the importance of talent vs aesthetics.Telling me about how different beats synergize with the heart beat. 

I wonder if you will hold me at night, and whisper my name as you sleep besides me, then roll over and drag the blanket with you… 

I wonder…. 

I wonder… 

I wonder if you will do the mundane things with me, cause that’s almost all I really want. 

Stepping outΒ 


So,  I am part of a cool type of young adults called Cross Culture,  the sub group I fall under called a Tribe (Zamar)  is doing a social media campaign #BecauseHefirstLovedUs.  Where we are sharing his word with the world because for God so loved the 🌍…this week’s challenge is creating a WhatsApp broadcast list and send devotional messages to people.

 I thought it was going to be easy,  but it’s not. Why?  Well it’s really not that easy to step up and show your Faith to people u really don’t talk to about such stuff with.  I have business contacts who don’t know I am Christian,  I have atheists on my contact list…

 So I was making the broadcast list and I found myself skipping some of the people I thought wouldn’t appreciate randomly timed Messages about God. Then figured out that they weren’t the problem,  I was I was apprehensive of being called the Jesus message girl.  I didn’t want to become that girl,  u know her,  only seems to send you God stiff and Nothing else thereby coming off as a holier than thou person…. 

So what am I doing about it?  I am hoping I will get over it and be able to add those people on the list,  after I have settled and calmed down a bit….  Who am I kidding I am probably not going to do it and that makes me even more ashamed 

Vice MomΒ 


​So my mother has adamantly refused to hire a maid/servant/Helper/I do not know the politically  correct term to use but yah,  my mother has refused to hire one saying it’s a waste of money and that we can do it alone. Now let me break it down for you,

  •   We have Two adults who go to work,  one has a 9 to 8pm, the other has fluctuating shifts, Morning (he spends all day not there)  and evening (spends all nights at work and sleeps all day)  together they form the parental unit aka my current personal government. 
  • Then we have two young adults,  one who has an 8 to 5pm (but requested for 4 for reasons to be explained later) and the other who is doing Night xul cause of a mix up at the school and All day Saturdays.  They make up the older siblings ( me and my bro) 
  • Then u have the twins,  the cute, never do a Wrong thing cause they are the last born girls twins, both in grade 6 currently…. 

So now that u know the characters of the story let me continue with my background information,  since as long as I can remember we have always had a helper except the one year we had moved,  anyhow I am not saying I am spoiled but I wasn’t trained to be Martha Stewart,  I have adequate skills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.  With the incessant “we can do it”  from my mum,  u supported the idea cause she sold me on the WE. 

I mean if everyone is going to pitch in to make us a well oiled tag team machine that works for the house keeping then I was sure as he’ll going to do it with a smile on my face and a skip in my step… 
Till today,  when I walked into after a LONG HARD Particularly draining day at work and saw the shambles that  house and saw that the list of things I had to rectify before my perfectionist mother came home was longer than Rapunzels hair 😩😩😩😩😩😩 and I promptly burst in to tears…. 
And I decided to share the adventures and boring frustrations of a Vice Mum 

I Forgot..Β 


I wanted to write something yesterday,  it would have been epic and deep and a wonderful read, but I  opened the app and I forgot. 

I forgot completely what it is I wanted to tell you, forgot completely the deep mysterious revelation of the universe 🌌 that I had discovered,  but I promise it was an AMAZING train of thought, and I am frustrated that I can’t share it with you anymore cause I forgot what I wanted to write. 

Per chance it wasn’t as deep as I thought since I forgot it,  or maybe it was too much so that I couldn’t possibly process it safely and lay it down real good.  Ah well since I forgot what I wanted to write how about you tell me what you think of the mysteries of the world 🌍 

The boyfriend that never was


So in the morning, my brother reminded My mom that it was Valentines tomorrow and she laughed and said so what,  somehow that triggered a high school memory of Valentines and other pressures.  
So throw back to upper 6 year, I am all about me and stuff and I really wasn’t into anybody at that time cause my then boyfriend had been transferred to a different school cause of a behavioral issues.  Okay so there I am being loud talkative more and I strike up a friendship with this guy who ate at my table, he was a funny guy who was quick to get my subtle innuendos, shots and such ‘It’s hard finding someone who actually can read between the sentences’  and we got along great. 

He had become favorite part of the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cause we would just stand or sit and talk,  before, during and after eating . For me there was nothing there, he just a fella I talked about the latest movie and who sang what with.  Little did I realize that the rest of the Lower and upper sixes didn’t think that way. They had it on the highest authority (theirs)  that me and this dude was coupling up or already a couple.

  Now fast forward to a couple of days before Valentines,  I wake up and go to the common bathroom to bath and a song starts up, which went something like 

Mona ane Vale, vale wacho ndiningi (insert guy name there)  and I am all like πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ really?  Yall are immature and stuff we just friends,  chill.  β©β©β© to lunch time and dude is acting brand new, he is not by our poshto  where we usually met,  he comes in late ensuring he sat as far away from me as possible.  Now, I thought it was just a coincidence since he didn’t come to dinner that day apa it was beef πŸ„ night and he didn’t like beef, until the following day.. Which was the day before Valentines day and the song lyrics had changed to 

Dude dumped Mona cause it was Vale, vale Vale. , i did a passport bath and went to my room where my roommate told me what she had heard.  Apparently Dude had been mercilessly teased about how dumb he was for macking on a girl so near Valentines,  in as much as he told them we where just friends, they teased and Told him I would be definitely looking forward to having a present. Which prompted him giving  me the  coldest shoulder this side of high school trauma, so that he could prove that he wasn’t that into me.  
The following Valentines day,  I held my head high as I trotted up and down corridors delivering presents to and from my friends to respective Baes.  Knowing full well that the world thought I was a Jilted lover, dumped cause it was so near VDay. Yet all I had,  was the boyfriend that never was,  and I had lost a friend cause of Valentines and other pressurez

Of Easels and Ports- A Guest Poem by McpotarΒ 


​I knew you were an artist when we met!

How you managed to draw my attention,

Your smile was an HB pencil,

Your “YES” felt like my HBD,

Whatsapp became our h.u.b,

To convey what would make me your h.u.b,

Or h.u.s.b… and we connect like a U.S.B,

Cable to a computer device,

I’m able heed your advice,


But our togetherness is like music,

Because if ever we tie the knot and they try to untie,

Just know untie has the same letters as “i-tune”  and unite,

So if we disagree tomorrow or even tonight,

Let’s cool off, breathe, bring our feelings to-light,

Vent! Scream, “Mcpotar /Mona you lied!!!”

Resolve by hearing each other’s side,

Forgiving, believing, letting it slide,

My sweetness my pride,

My feelings can’t hide,

A bond has *been* tied to go through the tide,

To go through the trials, untested , untried.

You can find Mr Mcpotar on his website http://www.mcpotar.com  he is the meaning of all round artistry and the Drum of my heart β™₯ beat.  

Of Valentines and other Pressures


So it’s that time again, when all the men around the world are faced with certain death πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.  Well not really but I’m sure most men feel that way around Valentines day.  

This say is said to be about love,  I would correct yall but maybe next week when you are done.  Anyhow the day is meant to show your partner that you love them to pieces and that grenades would be caught and etc, but is it really?  Isn’t it just an excuse to sell card and bad chocolate whilst Making those who are single  feel crappie about not being worthy of love? 

Surely people should be going the extra mile everyday or twice a week already.  Why is it such a big deal for this particular day,  Why do we feel somehow edified and pacified that the love is real because of a day that started in Rome thousands of years ago?  I remember this one Valentines,  the day before I bumped into the then bf and he had a bunch of 🎁 and grocery and wrapping paper,  the next day he took me to Dinner for Vale but no present,  I remember being so hurt and so livid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that we had the hugest Argument ever.  The next day after friends had encouraged me that he was cheating. 
Now looking back,  here is what I see.  I see a girl who seeks to prove that her man loves her by the giving or receiving of a Vale gift. 

I  see a girl who is not accustom to such Gifting that she freaks out when she doesn’t get the gift on the day that it is stipulated almost by law to give a gift.  
Love isn’t about that,  love is about a daily expression of fondness to your partner the best way you know how,  sending her poems,  sending him videos,  cooking his favorite dinner,  buying her that shoe she wants,  that Vacation you always wanted to go on.  

Everyday should be a day of showing how much you love them.  Not just one day that was chosen randomly because of some pagan fertility ritual with wolves.  Imagine if u showed it everyday.. It would be no pressure to wake up on Valentines day baed up 

Miss Mona